1.  ETEX OMAN: The Second Educational Technology Conference & Exhibition.

( Web-assisted instruction: Its potentials and impact on students' learning)

CET, SQU, Muscat/20 – 22/10 2003

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2. The International Council for Education for Teaching ( ICET) 55th World Assembly.

(Extending the Learning Landscape: A Framework for Nurturing Critical Thinking Through)

ICET & University of Glasgow,Scotland/ 11-14/7/2011

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3. The International Council for Education for Teaching ( ICET) 54th World Assembly.

( Educational institutions as learning organizations: Going beyond active connections)

ICET & SQU, Muscat / 14-17/12 2009

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4. The International Council for Education for Teaching ( ICET) 53rd World Assembly.

(Educational Portal in Oman: Toward a connected community)

ICET & University of Minho, Braga, Portugal/ 14-17/7/2008

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5. The International Conference on Distance Education (ICODE-2006)

(The Effects of Online- Teaching and Learning Environment on Students Teachers Performance)

CET & COE at SQU, Muscat/ 2006

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6. The 10th Annual Online Educa Berlin Conference.

(E-Learning in higher education in Oman: Current and future potentials)

Online Educa Berlin, Germany/ 1-4/12/2004

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7. International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) Annual Conference

(The Dilemma of Boy’s Academic Underachievement in Higher Education: Patterns and trends of male academic underachievement in higher education)

Paris – 2013

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